2014 – Danny Day and Marc Luck

Danny Day designs games. His company, QCF Design has made games to teach maths in Mpumalanga, champion social entrepreneurship, advertise toothpaste and win international awards. QCF’s most recent game, Desktop Dungeons, released in November last year to great success. Danny is a committee member for the South African games industry organization MGSA, sits on the UCT Computer Science advisory board and lectures to students across the country. Sometimes he turns off twitter.

“All the forum regulars were just playing the crap out of the game and not making their own. Marc and I had just finished a big contract at QCF and we said, ‘Well, we’ve got some downtime now, do you want to turn this into something bigger?'” — Danny Day

Marc Luck has been a game designer for over a decade. A founding member of local game development studio QCF Design, and one of the first members of the South African Game Developers Association, MakeGamesSA. Marc’s first game was a finalist in Microsoft’s Dream Build Play contest. Since then his games have delighted, educated and challenged people in equal measure. QCF Design’s most recent project, Desktop Dungeons, has won international praise, and the prestigious IGF Excellence in Design award.

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